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RunTIME Racing Services is a full-service race event timing and production company based in D/FW and serving all of North and Central Texas. In addition to specializing in ChronoTrack D-Tag timing technology for the world's fastest, most accurate, and reliable event timing available anywhere, we're ready to handle any and every aspect of your run, walk, or cycling events in virtually any distance, including 5K, 10K, 15K, Half-Marathon, Marathon, or any custom distance desired. We can assist with everything from the initial event concept through event day completion. Every organization, community, and event is unique in its' strengths, resources, and needs. Thus, RunTIME will work with you to create a service package that best suits your organization and event's specific needs. Once our services are secured, we will go right to work doing everything in our power to make sure you have a safe, successful, and enjoyable event.

To help you have the best event possible, RunTIME provides the following services:
Pre event: Consultation, Course work, Marketing, Support
  • Consultation - Host an initial consultation meeting to ensure your event gets started on sound footing in every aspect of producing a race/event.
  • Course Design - Work with the Race Director and Public Safety Officials to design a course that is safe, accurate, scenic, and fun. Note: Safe courses are their own reward, but also help preserve fund raising through reducing Public Safety needs/fees.
  • Online Registration - Establish online event registration using the service of the Race Director's choice. Note: All registration fees collected will be sent directly to your race/event.
  • RunTIME Website Event Promotion -
    • Race Information Page - Create a dedicated race information page within the RunTIME website to include key details of your race/event with direct links to your race/event website and online registrations.
    • Featured Race/Event - Feautre your race/event on the RunTIME homepage with your logo prominently displayed for at least a three week period prior to your race/event.
  • Additional Website(s) and Calendar(s) Event Promotion- Submit the event information to multiple area race/event websites and calendars.
  • RunTIME Email Blast Promotion - To support your own race/event's marketing, RunTIME will include your race/event in the Eblast sent to more than 54,000 currently active Metroplex and surrounding North Texas participants each Tuesday. Beginning one month prior, your race/event will be listed as an "Upcoming Race." On the Tuesday of your race/event week, your race will be featured, with your race/event logo and direct links to the race information page and online registration. This schedule is an effective reminder, targeted 36+ hours prior to online registration closing and four days prior to race/event day. Note: Individual race/event Eblasts are available on a select basis.
  • Additional Flyer Distribution-Distribute your save-the-date flyers/brochures/entry forms to all events RunTIME is serving (for inclusion in the race packets) and local running store locations.
  • Race Bib Numbers & Safety Pins Sourcing -Source Race Bib Numbers and Safety Pins at cost effective wholesale prices. Note: RunTIME is to be reimbursed for bib and safety pins cost.
  • Packet Pick-Up Materials & Preparation -
    • Pre-Registration Database Processing - Merge all pre-registered participants into the event database from online registrations and lists provided, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, by the race.
    • Race Bib Labeling - Print and apply participant information labels to all pre-registered race bibs.
    • Participant List & Team Rosters - Create, print, and provide complete alphabetical, bib-numeric, and team roster pre-registered participant lists.
Race/event day: Set up, Materials, and Management Support
    Start/Finish line Area Preparation -
  • Set up start/finish line area safety cones and barricades, as needed.
  • Set up the complete start/finish line unit and signage (see below).
  • Set up the complete start/finish timing equipment.
  • Provide a starting horn for use during your race/event.
    Management Support:
  • Coordinate between your race/event day registration staff and RunTIME race/event day data entry.
  • Enter all race/event day walk-up registrations into the race/event database.
  • Advise volunteer chairperson/coordinator and vounteers on any procedure.
  • Coordinate the pre-event start line and actual event(s) start.
  • Manage and complete start/finish line timing, preliminary results postings, and all RunTIME personnel.
    Start/Finish Line Unit, Complete -
  • Provide a complete RunTIME start/finish line unit. This includes one of the following:
    • One or two 13' scaffolding towers with vertical start/finish signage
    • 25' Inflatable Start/Finish Arch
      Note: Choice of, and configuration of, the above options is at RunTIME'S sole choice.
      Use of either of the above listed structures will include:
  • Digital finish line clock (1)
  • American and Texas flags (1 each)
  • Start/Finish Line area safety cones
  • Start/Finish Line area PA system (1)
  • Start/Finish Line microphone (for any requested announcements) (1)
  • Start/Finish Line area music
  • Lighting, as needed
  • Generator(s) as needed
  • RunTIME 17' mobile timing office OR RunTIME extended cargo timing van
  • Note: Choice of timing office or van is at RunTIME'S discretion.
    Note: Finish line scaffolding and connecting horizontal banner bar are available for Race Director to offer to sponsors. Contact us for sizes/measurements and more information.
Race/event Day: Timing and Results
    RunTIME will provide all equipment and necessary personnel to perform the following:
  • Time all participants using the ChronoTrack D-Tag Timing System for the fastest, most accurate, timing available.
  • Post multiple "preliminary results" prior to the awards ceremony.
  • Calculate the official results.
  • Sort finisher's results by the category groupings desired and provided by the Race Director.
  • Provide official results, as soon as possible, to the Race Director for use in awards announcements.
Post event: Follow-up
  • Forward official event results to the Fort Worth Star Telegram and Dallas Morning News, and any other media or website(s) requested by the Race Director.
  • Post and archive official event results on the RunTIME website.
  • Upon request, provide the Race Director with a wide range of reports for use in future planning. These include complete paper and or electronic participant contact data of all registered participants, Age Group/Gender Breakdowns, T-Shirt Sizes, Participant City Origins, etc.
In addition to the services provided above, which are all included in our timing fee, RunTIME can provide Race Director Support. By relieving the Race Director of many of the time-consuming duties, RunTIME allows the Race Director to focus on key areas of directing, such as coordinating race volunteers and sponsorship solicitation.
All of the duties listed below can be handled by RunTIME as part of our Race Director Package.
Pre event: Consultation, Course work, Marketing, Support
  • Permits - Arrange any local-municipality required permits (i.e. Parade Permit, Street Usage Permit, Street Closure, etc.)
  • Park Reservations if needed.
  • Race/Event Course Establishment with Local Authorities - Make sure the course is acceptable to the local municipalities/authorities.
  • Police/Public Safety Coordination - Communicate race/event day plans with proper Police and public safety authorities. This includes going over the course/route with them, public safety concerns, general needs, and the number of officers necessary to produce a safe event. Note: Fees are typically paid on race/event day directly to the Public Saftey Officers providing services.
  • USATF Course Certification - Arrange for USA Track & Field course certification. This includes measurement rides, final USATF certificaiton rides, USATF required mapping, and USATF required paperwork.
  • USATF Insurance - Arrange USA Track & Field Single Day Race/Event Insurance. Additional entities may be added to the USATF insurance at no extra charge. Note: This requires a minimum of a 30 day lead time.
  • Porto-Potties - Arrange porto-potties for the race/event. Some municipalities require a set quantity based on the number of expected participants.
  • Advertising - Place any advertising above and beyond what is already provided by RunTIME (see above.)
  • Source Custom Bib Numbers - If you want your logo or sponsor logos on your own custom bibs, we can handle that for you. This requires a lead time of 45 days.
  • Awards planning and sourcing.>/b>
  • T-shirts planning and sourcing. Note: The final race/event logo and ALL sponsor logos are required at least 10 days prior to desired delivery date.
  • EMT Services - Arrange race/event day Emergency Medical Technician(s). The requirement of, and quantity of, is often determined by the local municipality. Note: Fees are tyically paid race/event day directly to the EMT(s) providing their services.
  • Movin' Pictures Services - Arrange race/event photography with Movin' Pictures, the most active race/event photography company in North Texas. Movin' Pictures services are at NO CHARGE to the race.
  • Race Infrastructure Outsourcing - Arrange and outsource any and all pre-race day and race day services, supplies, and rental equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, course marking/coning/barricading, water stop set up/take down/clean up, tables and chairs, tents, etc.
  • Race/Event Day
    • Police/Public Safety Race Day Coordination - Coordinate race day plans (i.e. street closing schedule, lead vehicle instruction, etc.) with the proper Police and Public Safety authorities.
    • EMT Race Day Coordination - Go over race day site plans and requirements with EMTs.
RunTIME can handle all or some of the duties listed above as part of a Race Director Package. We can customize the package based on your unique needs.
Please be aware that several of the services included in the Race Director package have their own fees attached, for which RunTIME must be reimbursed. This reimbursement is in addition to the Race Director fee.
If you have needs which are not listed, just ask. We are happy to help in any way we can.
RunTIME Racing Services
3535 W Pioneer Parkway, Ste C
Arlington, Texas 76013-4645
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